January 29th, 2007


Mod Post: Affiliates!

Please post anything you want to affiliate with theoffice_icons here, rather than at my journal.

Affiliates wanted: Any graphics related, Office related, other TV show icon communities, communities for couples and actors from the show.
Current Affiliates

theoffice_us - The community for Office discussion
office_fanworks - Fanfic, wallpaper, icons, and more
officestillness - An Office stillness community
goodofficeicons - An elite Office icon community
jimkaren_stills - Jim/Karen stillness challenge community
karenandjim - Karen/Jim community for the friendship and/or relationship of the two Stanford Mifflinites
office_stories - Random stories relating to the show
pam_and_karen - Pam and Karen community
officelims - Last Office icon maker standing community
theoffice_fic - Office fanfiction community
kellylovesryan - Kelly and Ryan community
dwight_and_jim - Dwight and Jim relationship community
dwight_angela - Dwight and Angela community
dunder_mif_rpg - Dunder-Mifflin RPG
jennaxfischer - Jenna Fischer
theofficeus_100 - Make 100 icons of the show

I also run: karenandjim, so please mention in your comment if you'd like to affiliate with it as well. And 30rockicons, scrubs100 if you're interested in affiliating with non-Office communities.