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The Office Icons


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The LJ community for icons for the US and British versions of The Office
"This is an enviroment of welcoming and you should just get the hell out."

The Office Icons

theoffice_icons is a community to share icons of the Emmy award winning shows The Office! Icons of both versions, American and British, are welcome. Have a look around and join to post your own icons, but please follow the rules below.

Layout courtesy of resplandor


We are not a discussion community for The Office. Please visit our partner community, theoffice_us for discussion of all things Office.

- Follow the icon maker's rules. Credit if they ask for credit, etc.

- If you are posting more than three icons please use an lj cut. It saves us all loading time.

- Post threeThe Office icons as samples ("Teasers"). Not just one and then a link to your journal, unless you have only one. In that case..why are you posting 1 icon to the community? Wait and make more!

- Please contact 37piecesflair before posting any advertisments. Communities not related to The Office may not be advertised here. Message her!

-You may post a friends-only entry provided you have the post unlocked at your community/journal for one week

- Do not post icons for a new episode immediately after an airing! Also, please place any icons with material related to the newest episode under a cut for two days after the initial broadcast. Be considerate of those of us who may not watch the episode when it first airs, as that gives us all time to watch with DVR, VHS, Tivo, Amazon, the illegal recesses of the internet, etc.

- All icons with material for future episodes must be cut (from promos, promo pictures), regardless of the icons of being animated, non-animated, or text. Posts with such icons must have a sufficient warning.

- Requests can be posted to the community. Check the tags before you post, especially if you want anything from season 1 or 2 of either series.

They must include the following and be under an LJ-cut.

Subject: Request

- Your username
- Details for your request
- A link to pictures if possible
- Specifications on text you want, etc.

Animated icons are very time consuming..please remember this. You're less likely to get your request filled if you request an animated icon.

- Do not post and disable comments. This makes it hard for the maintainer to tag your entry.

- Icons of the cast members, deleted scenes, blooper reels, etc, are of course, allowed, as are icon related posts, such as screencaps. Headers and wallpaper occasionally find their way here, and are permitted, as well.


37piecesflair is your moderator and maintainer.

If you are looking for anything in particular, be it an icon from either show, do check the very thorough tags. They're organized by show, character, couples, animated, non icon, episode, season, quotes, and more.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide

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